Karen Chambliss

That Dirty 6-Letter Word — B U D G E T

Years ago while I was teaching at a university, I polled my faculty colleagues to see how many had a written budget. The percentage of those who used a written budget was very low. From those who did not use a written budget, I got comments such as the following: “My (spouse) takes care of […]

Changing Mortgage Rates – When Is a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Are you wondering if the changes in mortgage rates will price you out of the home you are looking for? Here are some quick facts that may help you decide for yourself if the scary headlines are all that scary. To make it simple, let’s look at the cost of principal and interest (P&I) for […]

Do I Qualify for a Mortgage on My Dream Home?

So you are looking at homes online and wondering if you can qualify to buy your dream home. What financial information do lenders look at when deciding whether you are a good credit risk or not? Lenders want their loan to be repaid as agreed to so they will be looking at your track record […]

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